DEIB Strategic Initiatives

A key ingredient for building a strong organization - build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture.

Building your knowledge and expertise around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging is difficult, especially on your own. Our experts will help you in your learning journey.

DEIB Strategic Initiatives.

Unlocking the power of your people starts and continues with organizations creating an environment where everyone feels safe, supported, and accepted. Investing in this work supports employees in reaching their full potential. And yes, people can feel engagement and fulfilled in their jobs at the same time businesses drive results.

DEIB Solutions.

We offer a range of tools, resources, and programs to support leaders and organizations in building a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Our solutions help your employees understand new perspectives and points of view to encourage their growth as leaders.

Resource Guides.

Investing in a growth mindset and learning about topics and experiences that are different than your own is an essential part of your DEIB journey.

To support this growth, we have created over 50 Resource Guides covering inclusive leadership topics including history, heritage months, and awareness days. These Resource Guides create company-wide connections and opportunities for building awareness, opening minds, and embracing diversity. Included in the Resource Guides are discussion topics, questions related to the guide content, and lists of resources and ideas for B+ERG programming.

Featured Resource Guides

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To retain great employees, organizations must work to create a company culture that supports employees throughout their careers.

BeyondBoarding¬ģ is a strategic approach to an organization‚Äôs growth and development plan. This approach is an end-to-end talent development process that is a foundation of the employee lifecycle creating connections between:



The talent acquisition process of bringing on a the new hire from recruiting, selection, unbiased interviewing, and acceptance of the job offer. (NEW)


Assimilation of new hires into the culture, organization, team, and job; identifying goals; creating performance development plans
(typically 90 days).



Focus on growth and development opportunities; building engagement; increasing retention; fostering company talent ambassadors.

What differentiates BeyondBoarding¬ģ from typical onboarding programs is the central and essential role the hiring manager plays. The hiring manager is the person that will have the most contact with this new colleague. This is why empowering and embracing the importance of this relationship is key to an employee‚Äôs connection to the overall company.

Gallup reports that over 58% of employees leave a job because of their direct boss.

D.E.I.B. Coaching.

Embarking on a DEIB journey can be both exciting and dynamic for an organization. While some people may be comfortable being uncomfortable, others may feel they need more one-on-one or team coaching environments to expand their boundaries and growth mindset. It is important to recognize that each person is on their own personal learning journey. Just like talent development, a person’s inclusive leadership journey is personal.

A DEIB Coach can support the CEO or leadership team in working through any real-time dynamics, provide a safe place to ask questions and share concerns, and be a thought partner to share, discuss, and build future strategies.

D.E.I.B. Workshops & Programs.

We have designed and developed a number of D.E.I.B. Workshops and Programs that we can facilitate virtually or onsite. Below are some featured D.E.I.B. programs we offer.

Diversity Councils and B+ERGs.

Saterman Connect aids organizations in starting or growing Diversity Councils and B+ERGs.

Diversity Councils
We can empower new or growing Diversity Councils by supporting:

  • The buildout of a strategy and roadmap
  • Ideating a vision
  • Identifying how they will support the organization on its culture journey

Business+Employee Resource Groups
We can empower new or growing B+ERG by:

  • Supporting the application-process-kickoff of a new B+ERG
  • Guiding the development of a B+ERG Group Charter
  • Providing B+ERG consulting for the leadership team
  • Developing programming on DEIB-related topics or history-heritage-awareness days/months

Get Connected.

Do you feel overwhelmed at networking events? Not sure how to approach getting to know your peers and colleagues?

Get Connected is a fun way to get to know your new hires, team members, cross-functional teams, and more.

The goal of each Get Connected session is to learn something new about your colleagues that you might not learn in typical work conversations. Each 60-minute session (virtual or onsite) focuses on building personal connections to support building stronger relationships and internal networks.

Drum Cafe North America¬ģ

Drum Cafe North America¬ģ is an immersive experience where people can connect and collaborate through the universal language of music.

The drumming practice creates a space that transcends the spoken word, thus allowing everyone to explore the most basic ways we can communicate effectively as humans.

This experience can be done using various room settings for any group size.

In addition to bridging professional, cultural and personal gaps that may exist between individuals, we also weave high-level messaging (supplied by the client) throughout the program to make the experience compelling and relevant to all attendees.

Speaker Series.

Interested in bringing an expert into your organization to speak on DEIB-related topics?

Saterman Connect has built an extensive Speaker Network available to you and your organization.

Our speakers come from a variety of different backgrounds and share their stories and expertise on topics such as ableism, gender identity and sexual orientation, and wellness and mental health.

We help to identify the right speakers to share their stories at Town Halls, B+ERG events, Offsite meetings, Kick-off Program, etc.

Are you interested in learning how to become an organization grounded in inclusive leadership?

Let us support your leadership in building strategies and initiatives that expand your inclusion and belonging at your company. Reach out and schedule a call today.