The Significance of LGBTQIA+ History

The monumental societal contributions and remarkable history of the LGBTQIA+ Community should be recognized all year round. Pay homage with cultural and historical resources, background, history, and so much more. This guide focuses on LGBTQIA+Ā Pride, Stonewall, Trans Issues, proper terminology, resources, and so much more.


PRIDE is not limited to June, and organizations are still searching for better resources for individual contributors and people leaders.

Now is a great time to purchase our Pride Resource Guide to offer clear, thoughtful, and educational resources to share with your Diversity Council, ERGs, and anyone looking to learn more and become a better ally and advocate.

Our 28+ page LGBTQIA+ History Resource Guide equips leaders and learners who are curious about the LGBTQIA+ community and want to learn about the history, current events, challenges they face, and influential leaders and activists in the movement.

Buy it for inspiration on how to engage your in-office and remote teams together. Lastly, a big shout-out to all of the amazing allies and advocates in our lives, including family and chosen family members, loved ones, mentors, sponsors, and advocates. We value and appreciate you!


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