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The Importance of Disability Awareness at Work

People with disabilities make up a wonderfully multifaceted group. Celebrate their contributions by recognizing the full complexion of this community.

  • Focus on how and why to support and hire colleagues with disabilities, the reality of the difficulty in finding work as someone who is disabled, and plenty of resources to help learn more and access assistance for people with disabilities
  • All-encompassing tool – no need to pull from multiple sources Comprehensive and user-friendly tool for company leaders
  • Numerous questions and discussion topics to initiate conversations within your company – links to resources are included throughout the guide for further education


For workers with developmental or intellectual disabilities, finding work can be challenging.

For example, New York has a 65% unemployment rate for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

This guide is a resource for organizations to understand the injustice done to those living with visible and invisible disabilities, how to hire equitably, the importance of accessibility, and how to promote inclusion and belonging, not only internally but also in an organization’s products and services.

Enjoy plenty of resources and discussion starters for further conversation and learning opportunities.


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