Why HR And Learning Teams Are Critical In A Pandemic

During a time of crisis two of the most important teams to an organization are HR and L&D! Okay, you can understand why HR is important – but why L&D?

During the pandemic leaders, managers, and employees were at a loss.

How do you now manage an entire remote workforce?

How do you train managers to keep their team engaged, have thoughtful and difficult conversations?

Prepare for the wellness of the organization?

This is when your L&D team is a critical component of your company crisis strategy, so why would you let them go? You shouldn’t but many, many organizations did.

L&D is there to support and train leaders on communicating with remote employees.

Coaching and supporting managers and individual contributors, through the unknown!

Recreating in-person to remote onboarding programs. Facilitating team building and engagement events.

“Yea” to those organizations and leaders who realized the importance of the HR and L&D teams and used them to their fullest! Thank you.

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