My Dimensions of Diversity (Natalie Spiro)


I am a woman with unique dimensions of diversity. Each aspect of my life contributes to a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives. 

I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, to parents who came from South Africa and Egypt during a tumultuous time. In 1967, in Israel, my family spent time in a bomb shelter during the Six-Day War. Following my time in Israel, I spent my formative years in South Africa, navigating the complexities of apartheid and bearing witness to the stark contrasts of privilege and inequality. 

As a petite white woman with curly hair and glasses, my physical appearance is just one facet of my multifaceted identity.

My upbringing was shaped by my Jewish heritage and the fusion of my Egyptian mother’s Sephardic roots with my father’s Ashkenazi background.

My early years were marked by resilience and adaptability, instilling in me a deep appreciation for multiculturalism and the importance of understanding different perspectives and the non-reliance of one story.

I am fluent in multiple languages and hold several passports. My nomadic lifestyle has taken me across many continents, each new destination adding another layer to my identity. My journey to citizenship in the United States was a testament to pure determination and perseverance, underscoring the significance of belonging and embracing diversity in all its forms.

I was married to my childhood sweetheart in South Africa for 13 years until Nelson Mandela’s release from prison. 

Upon completing my MBA in 1994 and having various experiences within a few different corporations, I pursued my inner passion of being an entrepreneur and have started and built several companies.  My love for music, drumming, and human connection resulted in the birth of Rhythm Agenda, an immersive experience where people can connect and collaborate through the universal language of music.

My immigration to the USA resulted in the divorce from my husband and then my coming out into the LGBTQIA+ community. My story is one of resilience, empathy, and the consistent pursuit of being in the present moment with a deep understanding of many cultures. From my roots in Israel to my experiences in South Africa and beyond, I embody the notion that diversity is not just a matter of appearance or background, but a celebration of the myriad ways in which we connect and thrive as individuals and communities.

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