Want to Find a Great Coach? Look For This

Who was your favorite coach as a kid?
Maybe it was even a P.E. teacher who helped you through the pull-up test, or a very competitive game of dodgeball?

There are a lot of similarities between sport coaches and executive coaches, starting with their sole purpose on the job: drive behavioural and performance growth to support building your leadership and business acumen muscles.

Sure, coaches might use different ways to guide you. This is why finding the right coach for you is vital to your growth and success!

Your executive coach should support methods to unlock your strengths, foster open conversations about your experiences, and find solid understanding of how to best achieve your goals by maximizing your direction. Think of it like you are in the driver’s seat and your coach is your support like a navigator in the passenger seat. Each has an active role, but ultimately you as the client get to choose what path you take.

Share a time you had a positive impact with a coach and how they maximized your strengths?

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