No matter where you are on your leadership path, there’s something in this book to empower any leader (that’s you!).

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Your leadership growth is a journey, not a destination!

No matter where you are on your leadership path, there’s something in this book to empower any leader (that’s you!). You may be arriving in your first manager role and preparing for your success. You may be driving and coaching your direct reports to deliver results as a high-performing team. You may be thriving in your senior leadership role, elevating your impact, and taking your organization to new heights. Wherever you are on your leadership journey, Arrive.Drive.Thrive.® is for you.

Explore how this book will support and encourage you to unlock your unique leadership capabilities. Through storytelling, thought-provoking questions, proven processes, methodologies, and realistic workplace prompts you will explore how to Arrive.Drive.Thrive.®

How will you show up for yourself, your team, and your organization?


What do we mean by ARRIVE?

ARRIVE means becoming prepared to lead. You learn more about who you are as a leader. You learn about your role and responsibilities, and the path of your individual leadership journey.

Knowing what it takes to lead accelerates your ability to build a team, and to get things done. Those who are not prepared typically flounder in their early stages of leadership, and often learn the hard way, if at all. Those who are prepared will do better when they arrive at the first steps of their journey.

What do we mean by DRIVE?

DRIVE is all about achieving results from and with your team. Results that are impactful. Results that serve the organization, and results that move the organization forward in a significant manner.

There will inevitably be some experimentation. Some uncertainty. Some moving backward, and even sideways. Success in business is almost never a straight line forward and upward.

When you DRIVE, you know how to make good things happen, using your team as the conduit to success … even if your organization is not entirely sure how to coordinate greater outcomes. By using the principles, tools, and tactics in this book, you will have confidence that those good things will happen.

What do we mean by THRIVE?

It’s not enough just to drive and get results. We want you to Thrive, be on top of your game. To not just have more wins than losses, but to have a winning season. To get into the playoffs. Maybe win a championship. When you DRIVE, you are better positioned to THRIVE.

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