Make Sure Contributions Don’t Go Unnoticed

Do you acknowledge employees working behind-the-scenes?

When there’s a win, it’s easy to cheer for what you see, like pitching a great campaign or converting a new customer.

Just as important are the things you don’t see like fixing a last-minute computer glitch or the data analysis that went into the “aha” behind the strategy.

It’s often not easy to identify invisible wins and the team members behind them. Here are four strategies to help you uncover more invisible wins:
1. Ask the right questions and listening for anecdotes.
2. Be present and pay attention to see the small wins.
3. Encourage everyone to acknowledge wins of all types.
4. Acknowledge big and small wins publicly.

With so many remote teams, leaders need to keep acknowledge and recognize the obvious and more subtle wins.

How do you make invisible wins part of your company culture?

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