LIVE: What Do You Do? An Employee is “Transitioning” At Work (Ep 004)

Transitioning can be a confusing and stressful process on its own.

Without a supportive work environment, this process can be exponentially more challenging.

In this episode we talk with Irene Branks, consultant specializing in transition at work, and her daughter Samantha Lux, YouTube personality and transgender advocate, to speak with them on the work they do, and how to support trans people at work.

Highlights include:

  • Reception of trans people at work over time
  • Which is more effective: stats or stories?
  • Biggest obstacle in educating organizations
  • Fulfilling parts of activism
  • Advice for CEOs on employees transitioning

Irene specializes in supporting a person transitioning in the workplace and transgender education.

Samantha is a Youtube personality with over 598,000 subscribers, and has been uploading videos about her transgender identity since 2015. She has also spoken internationally on advocating for her community.

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