LIVE: Visible and Invisible: National Disability Employment Awareness Month (Ep 20)

Inclusion has become a key focus for many companies. Although thoughtful conversations around visible and invisible dimensions of diversity present an opportunity for leaders to think differently about their workforce, workplace and marketplace, can we do more? This episode, we shine a light on National Disability Employment Awareness Month, which is held in the U.S. every October.

We spoke with Alycia Anderson, TEDx Speaker and Corporate Inclusion Coach, Brian McComak, CEO & Founder of Hummingbird Humanity about their lived experiences with disability and better ways that individuals and organizations can create a supportive and inclusive environment for people w disabilities.

During this conversation we focused on:

  • Language – Ableism/Disability/Differently Abled
  • Ways to encourage someone with a disability to own their story
  • Coaching leaders looking to create safe spaces for people with visible and invisible disabilities
  • What companies can do more of to support mental well-being

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