LIVE: Preparing for Hispanic Heritage Month (Ep 16)

Want to prepare for Hispanic Heritage Month?

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Hearing other people’s STORIES!

As Saterman Connect continues our series on Diverse Voices — sharing leadership stories with viewers who embrace a growth mindset — we turn our attention to Ilhiana Rojas Saldana, founder of BeLIVE Coaching and consulting and Chief Development officer of ALPFA Boston. ALPFA is the leading Latino professional organization focusing on developing Latino business leaders in the United States.

She’ll provide key insights into how leaders and organizations can recognize and support people who identify as Hispanic/Latinx during this Heritage Month.

Want to be a better Ally?

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how engagement and better onboarding can help leaders attract and retain talent and empower employees for a new world of work.

Highlights include:

  • A discussion of micro-messaging about Hispanic Women
  • Ways people can share their dimensions of diversity and intersectionality
  • Ways leaders can embrace Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Approaches that organizations can take in support of the Hispanic and LatinX community
  • How organizations can recognize and celebrate the Hispanic and LatinX community all year long


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