LIVE: Positively Shifting Your Work Culture with Clifton Strengths (Ep 012)

Employee engagement and productivity has been an ongoing struggle throughout the pandemic, especially with the momentous wave of resignations.

One way to get past this? Play to your team’s strengths!

This week I’m very excited to be talking to Dawn Potter, founder and Principal of DPS Leadership and certified Gallup Strengths coach, with the aim to help leaders and their teams navigate new seasons with Gallup Strengths.

Highlights include:

  • What are the benefits of Strengths Based Coaching?
  • What can strengths mean for managers?
  • How can strengths unite a team?

Dawn is a multi-certified executive coach and the founder of DPS Leadership – a global consulting practice specializing in strengths-based coaching and team development. She has spent more than 14 years as a Strengths-based coach and 25 years developing leaders and energizing teams around the world. She has many certifications as a coach alongside Gallup Strengths, including from SHRM, International Human Resource Certification Institute and ELI.

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