LIVE: Maximizing the Power of Relationships in Hybrid Workplaces (Ep 015)

Today, companies are investing in their existing and new talent at exponential rates. Hybrid work is here, and hiring and engagement challenges are reshaping the talent marketplace. The combination of the new virtual, remote, and in-person environments provides an opportunity for leaders to think differently about how their teams can “Get Connected.”

Join Sally Whitney, Senior Director of HR at uniQure, Nettie Nitzberg, Chief Learning Officer at Saterman Connect, and Michael Saterman, host of Diverse Voices, for a conversation about what they’re learning and how engagement and better onboarding can help leaders attract and retain talent and empower employees for a new world of work.

Highlights include:

  • In what ways the last 20 years prepared us for the last 18 months
  • What was learned from a remote and hybrid environment
  • Hiring and engagement challenges
  • Innovative new programs to help build social fabric

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