LIVE: Exploring Ways to Limit “The Great Resignation” (Ep 008)

As millions of workers quit their jobs in pursuit of better working conditions, leaders are struggling to determine how to prevent it in their organization.

That’s why I’m excited to welcome our Chief Learning Officer Nettie Nitzberg this week to explore the reasons people are leaving their jobs including the search for more money, more flexibility and more happiness, and how YOU as a leader can prevent this with your employees.

Highlights include:

  • The reasons people are leaving their jobs
  • How important managers are to employee experience and engagement
  • How to combat zoom fatigue

Nettie has an extensive career in consulting and coaching spanning 30+ years. Before co-founding Saterman Connect, she has had roles in talent and consulting at Accenture, Toast, Inc., NLN Consulting and more. Nettie also is the founder of WOW Women Network, building networking programs for women regardless of industry, and a member of the Human Resource Leadership Forum, a leading community for senior HR leaders in New England.

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