LIVE: Developing Future-Ready Skills With Peer Coaching (Ep 014)

Human skills and soft skills are critical skills! So join us and get prepared for the jobs of the future ?

How? Through the magic of Peer Coaching!

Please join Saterman Connect as we talk with Travis Mears, Director of Accounts & Client Success at Imperative. His view on transforming workplace cultures is going to make for a riveting conversation! As the foremost experts on the science of purpose at work, the Imperative Platform was built based on the latest neuroscience and engineered to create cultures of ownership and belonging by connecting employees as peer coaches to support each other’s needs for wellbeing, engagement, inclusion, and growth.

Highlights include:

  • Leveraging the science of connection to support learning at work
  • Using peer coaching to help individuals who’ve never been coached before
  • Creating more space for meaningful relationships
  • Using peer coaching to support growth and development
  • Understanding the “power of unlearning”

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