Interview with HR Daily Advisor: Effectively Thriving in Leadership

Saterman Connect was recently interviewed by Pages of HR, where we tackled leadership and the challenges that come along with it. As we all know, the last two years have tested HR leaders and organizations in ways that we’ve never imagined.

In this episode, Josh Saterman, Nettie Nitzberg, and Gerald Hutchinson discussed our new book Arrive. Drive. Thrive.™, which provides leadership advice and a roadmap for today’s aspiring, emerging, and growing workplace leaders. No matter where someone is on their leadership journey, this book aims to help leaders unlock unique leadership capabilities within themselves and others.

During this conversation with Bianca Herron, Editor of HR Daily Advisor, we focused on:

  • Bianca’s view on accelerating to build your team and it’s value to HR and leaders
  • Unlocking new leadership capabilities within yourself and others
  • A resource that you can read where you see fit
  • Our experience collaborating on writing this book and how that allowed us to grow and do our best
  • Adding value to organizations in growing their leadership
  • What it really means to arrive, drive and thrive

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