Women's History Month, Part 1: Honoring Black and African American Women

Celebrate the remarkable contributions, achievements, and impact of Black women throughout history. Explore inspiring stories, groundbreaking achievements, and influential figures who have shaped history and continue to make a difference today. This resource guide is for organizations and ERG’s to recognize the resilience, leadership, and creativity of Black women across various fields and industries. Together, let’s honor and amplify their voices, ensuring their legacies are acknowledged and celebrated. Dive into this comprehensive guide as we pay tribute to the strength and brilliance of Black women, paving the way for future generations.


Topics in this guide include:

  • History
  • Making Their Voices Heard: Women to Honor
  • The Fight For Equality
  • Harmful Stereotypes
  • Timeline of Integral Events
  • Educational Resources to Learn More
  • Discussion Topics for Meaningful Conversations