Highlights: Speaking up, going live, and looking for connection

Speaking up, loudly and proudly

For those that have not heard yet, we’ve been in the news. To start, Josh and Michael had several opportunities to speak about PRIDE and how they show up as gay leaders. 

  • In Entrepreneur Magazine Josh and Michael reinforced the importance to recognizing important times outside of Pride including LGBTQIA+ history month in October and Transgender Day of Visibility in March. “In honoring and celebrating these days, you demonstrate some understanding and appreciation for the LGBTQIA+ community beyond Pride Month”, as well as “opportunities to celebrate intersectionality and persons who identify as part of multiple communities.” 
  • In Forbes they said, “Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community has taught us a lot as leaders. First and foremost, it has taught us to be proud of who we are. As a leader, you must face the reality that you are a human being. As a human being, you are diverse.” 
  • Josh also spoke with HR Executive about coaching and DEIB and had the pleasure of being interviewed on a few podcasts, as well as sharing his thoughts on supporting employees around the George Floyd verdict.
  • And Nettie had the opportunity to share her insights about onboarding and Saterman Connect’s trademarked BeyondboardingTM process, in a business.com podcast.

If you have not had the opportunity to read these articles or listen to the podcasts, below are links to a few of these publications.

As you know we love to share our thought leadership.  If you are interested in Saterman Connect for keynote speeches, facilitating breakout sessions, interviews on podcasts or articles please reach out to hello@satermanconnect.com. Thanks for thinking of us!


Business Value of Connection

Today, companies are investing in their existing and new talent at exponential rates. Their employees are working remotely, in different cities and countries, and having experiences they never did prior to the Pandemic.

The virtual and remote workforce has provided us an opportunity to rethink how we connect. A connection must be intentional to avoid higher employee turnover, disconnects, and unintentional barriers to team building and silos. The combination of the new virtual, remote, and in-person environments provides an opportunity for leaders to think differently about how their teams can “Get Connected”. Well, we have a solution!

54% of employers worldwide said that attracting and retaining employees has rarely been more challenging – the highest in the decade. – Manpower Talent Survey

How can you get your new hires connected? How do you create connections and provide networking opportunities throughout the organization breaking down silos? What are some ways for ERGs to connect with their volunteers and other ERG’s? How can leaders help their teams build better partnerships?

What it is
Get Connected is a fun and interactive 60-minute Zoom networking event designed to create connections and belonging within an organization.

  • Get to know colleagues and peers in ways beyond surface dialogue and pleasantries.
  • Get beyond trivial interactions into real, no-nonsense conversational exchanges.
  • Get to have fun networking, leaving the fear and anxiety behind, and focusing on meeting and connecting with colleagues in a new and unique way.

Excited to learn more and bring this into your organization, contact Nettie Nitzberg at Saterman Connect or use this link to set-up a time to talk.

aaaannnd…we are LIVE (On YouTube and LinkedIn)

In times of uncertainty and complexity, leadership is more important than ever. To take your own efforts up a level, explore Diverse Voices, a new series of exclusive interviews with leaders making the world a better and more understanding place. Live, every Wednesday at 12:15 EST.

In June we brought our listeners speakers who are passionate about all aspects of the LGBTQIA+ community including:

Melissa Madzel, Koya Partners’ Managing Director, Equity Initiatives brought to our attention policies and procedures that should be made inclusive, and the importance of gender-neutral language.

Gain Clarity >

Andrew Foster, CHRO TriMark, spoke about building safe environments to encourage diversity and the importance of allyship in the workplace.

Learn from an OUT LGBTQ+ Leader >

Irene Brank and Samantha Lux brought us insights from Samantha’s’ transition journey, the biggest obstacles in educating organizations and advice for CEOs on employees transitioning.

Their view on transgender education >

Bryson Rose, Hetrick-Martin Institute Senior Director – Advocacy and Capacity, talked about organizations such as HMI supporting LGBTQIA+ youth.

Watch the Interview >



Navigating ADA and Awareness Months

If you have not seen or read one of our Resource Guides learn more about ADA by downloading our ADA Resource Guide which is celebrated on July 28th.

Our Resource Guides are created to empower you and your organization’s journey regarding a specific Heritage/History Month and Awareness Day. Each one has meaningful and valuable information to encourage you and your team to truly explore and learn what this month or day is all about.

Download the ADA Resource Guide →

Here’s a sneak peek into topics for our Guides

  • What it is and why we celebrate it
  • The History and key dates in time
  • Legislation and Facts
  • Impacts on cultures, business, the arts, science and more
  • Achievements and recognition from important leaders you may or may not know about
  • Discussion Topics for B+ERGs, Teams, and company/personal conversations
  • Memoriam honoring individuals who had an impact on this Day or Month

It’s never too early to start encouraging curiosity and dialogue around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Our Resource Guides are a great way to gather your teammates, peers, and loved ones (even if it’s virtually) by planning to connect and honor those who are in the community and recognizing their great contributions to our country and across the world.

Download the ADA Resource Guide →

Mark Your Calendars

Upcoming Awareness Days and History/Heritage Months

  • American with Disabilities Day (July 26)
  • Women’s Equality Day (August 26)
  • Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) (Sept 15 – Oct 15)
  • Native American Heritage Month includes Indigenous People’s Day (Oct)
  • October Awareness, focuses on:
    • National Bullying Awareness Month
    • LGBT History Month
    • Coming Out Day (Oct 11)
    • Spirit Day (Oct 17)
    • National Disability Employment Awareness Month
  • Veteran’s Day (Nov 11)
  • World Aids Awareness Day (Dec 1)
  • Human Rights Day (Dec 15)

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