What does an evolving culture look like for you?

Cultural change is different for everyone, and committed organizations are asking the same question: Where do we start?

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging must be embedded in your culture.


By tuning into the changes happening inside your organization, we explore where you can evolve at a pace that meets your needs and delivers results. This journey is ingrained in the companies that choose to partner with us. Change is underway, and by identifying that change, we can define the best pathways to magnify your potential and channel that potential into your future success.

Over 50% of current employees want their workplace to do more to increase diversity.


Our solutions.

Culture change is never ‘one size fits all’. It’s about understanding how you want to evolve and tailoring an approach that empowers you. Our scalable, people-centric solutions give you the roadmaps and inclusive tools you need to embrace bold conversations and seize the opportunities most important to you.

This is not just a book.
This is a learning journey.

For Espiring, Emerging and Growing Leaders

Empower Your Leadership

About us.

Our personal and professional backgrounds give us a unique perspective and the skill sets for guiding cultural transformation. Learn about the passionate certified professionals who make Saterman Connect a seamless, trustworthy, and responsive partner for your journey.

Our approach.

Working as an extension of your team, we bring energy, vision and a wealth of expertise. Our five-phase approach brings it all together, to initiate sustainable cultural change that you own long-term.

We begin every project with a planning meeting. During this time we introduce ourselves, meet your team, and identify key stakeholders. The outcome of this meeting is to confirm the project’s scope, identify key milestones, and highlight challenges we’re likely to face – all of which will be captured in your project plan and calendar.

During Discovery we perform an extensive needs assessment. Using a variety of tools and methodologies, including one-to-one interviews, surveys, and document reviews, we uncover and validate assumptions, limitations, challenges, and strengths based on the project-specific goals. As a result we produce The Audit Report which shares our findings, data, and recommendations for next steps.

Now we get to work, rolling-up our sleeves creating project deliverables. Each client has unique needs and we customize our products to meet them. These include coaching leaders and teams, designing learning programs and workshops, developing processes and procedures to strengthen and build leaders, teams, and individuals. By tailoring each and every aspect of your initiative we ensure we are meeting the specific needs of the organization, employees, and culture.

Each and every client initiative requires a highly-targeted communications strategy and plan. Leaders need to take the initiative and lead the way during transformative times. Through transparent, honest, and constant communications you reveal what is transpiring, to ensure everyone is aligned as you evolve and change.

This is where it all comes together. Working closely with you and your team, together we launch and monitor all the initiatives, revising where needed. When you are confident that everyone is investing in the change, everything is running smoothly, and you are starting to see a positive impact of the work, we step back so you can move forward owning the process and programs.

The numbers tell their own story. More and more employees are demanding cultural transformation – and the companies ignoring them are being left behind.

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of job seekers consider workplace diversity an important factor when considering employment opportunities.


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of employees feel their companies lack inherent and desired diversity in leadership.

(Fast Company)

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greater returns to stakeholders for organizations with a higher representation of women in
C-suite level positions.