We are all in uncharted territory. How do you find the right course?

The changes that have taken place in 2020 have remapped how businesses operate around the world. Business leaders everywhere are revisiting their culture and people strategies and learning how to cope with the new normal.

Like it or not, the old rules are no longer valid. Communication, engagement, onboarding, upskilling, work-life balance – every component of managing and developing your people have been impacted. Company culture is more important and harder to comprehend than ever before.

Making remote work seem a lot less remote.

Your business isn’t your brand or your building. It’s the human connections that are taking place across your operations. Welcoming new people to your company when you can’t personally greet them in the office becomes a real challenge, but you don’t have to do this alone. We will help you manage each stage with certainty and navigate this journey with you. Understanding how those relationships form and grow, you can begin reimagining the possibilities of what can be achieved.

Organizations must create a company culture that nurtures employees throughout their careers.


According to Gallup, it costs a business between 50% and 200% of an employee’s annual salary if they leave. The costs associated with recruiting, training, and the time for an employee to be proficient, is generally between six and eight months of salary. These are factors that led Managing Partner, Nettie Nitzberg, to create and trademark Beyondboarding™ an end-to-end talent development process that is the foundation of the employee lifecycle.

The three-step process



Creating a consistent message about your company’s culture for sourcing, recruiting, and selecting new talent;



Culture assimilation for new hires into the organization, team, and job; identifying goals; and creating performance development plans, and;



Focusing on growth and development opportunities; building engagement; increasing retention; fostering company talent ambassadors. This process ensures organizations and employees are set-up for long-term success.

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Reframing every challenge.

By rethinking the entire premise of the employer-employee relationship, we ensure you have the tools, processes, skills, and confidence to lead in new and different ways. Looking towards the future by re-visiting the way you conduct business, considering different ways to grow and develop talent, preparing for difficult conversations, building strong and high performing teams, and tackling urgent questions head-on are more important than ever. Whether you are growing and need to evolve your culture to sustain it, or are driving a major shift in the business such as a merger, or innovation transformation, our team can support you.

Challenges we embrace.

In what ways can our changing culture help us grow our business?

How can I show resilience as a culture leader in this time of crisis?

How can we adapt our employees skills to work in the “new” normal?

How do we prepare our employees for the future of work?

How do we create an inspiring remote onboarding process that captures our culture and welcomes new employees into our team?

How do we grow and develop our future leaders to ensure they are equipped to manage and lead in an ever-changing world?

Sound familiar?

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